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It’s 2015 and Agent Carter is Here!

agent carter

Many of my friends and colleagues understand my obsession with Wonder Woman.  I collect all things Wonder Woman and obsessively rant about the lack of female superheroes in today’s media.  In fact, I wrote a play for my doctoral dissertation about the lack of female superheros.  There has not been a Wonder Woman movie.  I know, one is coming, one is coming, but I’m not holding my breath.   Catwoman has had one movie about her, and secondary parts in other Batman movies, but rarely does a tv show or movie feature a strong woman superhero.

Last night I watched the season premiere of Agent Carter. It’s 1946, men are back from war, and Agent Peggy Carter is now being pushed aside as the male agents of the SSR fight crime.  The sexism is rampant in the mostly male cast, but that’s the point.  It’s campy and vampy like a superhero show should be.

H. Shaw Williams critiques the show for not being feminist on Screen Rant.  While I agree with much of what she says, I don’t agree that the show isn’t feminist.  When I look around at how women are represented throughout our media, I will take any positive and powerful expression I can find.  And Agent Carter is that.  She is strong, powerful and smart.  And while it is an “old” story of “I’m just as good as the men” or “treat me like the boys,” it’s still a good message.  And it’s 1946, we have to remember, and the world was much different then.

H. Shaw Williams seems young.  I don’t know her or her writing, but for young women who don’t have any experience watching strong women kick butt and take names, this is a show to watch.  I agree there should be more women on the show and better representation, but we have to start somewhere and I think Marvel might have a beginning here.

Does this give me hope for 2015?  It does.  While the 81% male House of Representatives spends all its time trying to strip away my reproductive rights and any hope I have for social security, I can at least look to Marvel and think, there is the tiniest bit of hope in this dark woman hating universe.agent-carter-7683

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  1. i have yet to see the show but now look forward to watching. I hope that this really is the beginning for marvel, however this show has a limited span, it is suppose to be the backstory of a current show with a short episode contract. But it does also give me hope for 2015!


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