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Aw PETA, Really?

My student showed me this ad today.  As the owner of 2 dogs and 2 cats, I support the fair and ethical treatment of animals.  However, using a metaphor of sexual violence to encourage vegan-ism is appalling.  Why is this being done on the backs of women?  Further down their page you will see This provides tips for women on how virile their vegan boyfriends will be.  I just don’t get it.  And what is this trend of progressive or so-called good organizations (PETA, Susan G. Komen) either being just plain stupid in their marketing or not thinking about how their decisions will affect those who support their work?  Who is on their PR or marketing teams?  Maybe they should fire all of them and make some job opportunities for progressives who get the big picture and don’t believe that promoting violence against women is the way to promote not eating meat. 

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