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The Intersection of Racism, Sexism, Heterosexism: All in One Place

I didn’t watch the Academy Awards this year.  I couldn’t.  First of all, my partner hates any award show, even though he will watch it if I want to.  Second of all, I am just so pissed at how NO women directors got nominated AGAIN, that I had my own kind of silent boycott. 

So when I came into work on Monday and my lovely Programming Assistant immediately has me You Tube Seth MacFarlane’s “We Saw Your Boobs” musical number.  More research into it tells me that the producers actually added the cutaways of the women looking shocked into the song. He then introduces the LA Gay Men’s Chorus (why are THEY singing a song about boobs anyway?) and quickly states that’s “he’s not gay.”  It might have worked if there was a counter number called “We Saw Your Cock.”  There is a post-Oscar version similar to that here.  But that wouldn’t happen because you never see male genitalia unless it is X rated. Women’s breasts are definitely PG. 

Some more research into how Seth MacFarlane did tells us that he told jokes about Latina women, Penelope Cruz and Selma Hayek, mocking their accents and saying it didn’t matter that we can’t understand them because they are so beautiful.

He referenced an orgy taking place later at no other than Jack Nicholson’s house, reminiscent of 1977 Roman Polanski’s rape of a 13 year old (that took place there).  He made a joke about “all black people looking the same” comparing Denzel Washington and Eddie Murphy.  He talked about Adele being fat.  He used his movie character Ted to talk about how Jewish Hollywood is in the most anti-Semitic skit possible.  And he referenced domestic violence pointing out Rianna and Chris Brown.

To be sure, I think Mr. MacFarlane is one of the most talented young people in Hollywood today.  He writes, he acts, he sings, and he produces.  RISD, our local arts school, definitely gave him a solid education.  He is better and smarter than the below the belt humor he used while hosting the Oscars.  He could have been much more creative and classy.

But I don’t blame MacFarlane alone.  Someone produces this shit and it wasn’t him. They approved whatever crap script was put together for this event.  Someone hires the producers who produced that shit and they were definitely connected to the all too white all too male Academy that continues,  85 years later to degrade women, people of color and anyone who doesn’t fit into their privileged powerful club.  It’s a mockery of the creative abilities and progressive belief systems of most of the people who were nominated or who were in the room.  Tsk.  Tsk.  Tsk. 

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