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Girls, Girls, Girls

Last June I wrote a blog about the use of the word girl.  Just this past week, a male feminist blogger I follow, The Current Conscience, spent some time on the same subject.  Now I am not one to judge many things without first trying them out.  For example, most of the foods I dislike, I will try, try again, just to double check, particularly those my husband loves, like lamb.  (Yuck!). 

So, of course I watched the entire first season of Lena Dunham’s Girls because I felt it was important not only to support a woman written and produced and directed show, but it was also a supposedly feminist coming of age story of millennials, the very age group I have intimately worked with, albeit not the rich version. 

And after watching most of season one, I wrote a blog about the use of the word “girl” and how I felt that Dunham was tearing apart much of the great work done by 2nd (and 3rd) wave feminists for embracing the term in her show.  Read it again here:  Girls.

So, now we’re onto Season 2 of Girls and Ms Dunham (would she allow me to call her Ms?) has now started receiving accolades from the TV and Hollywood award givers.  “Over the weekend, Dunham won Best TV Comedy Director at the Director’s Guild Awards. She is the first woman to win in this award in the  42 year history—which while much hasn’t been said about it—is a huge deal.  Dunham won for her direction of the pilot episode.”(Lena Dunham).

So yes.  This is a BIG deal.  She has also won Golden Globes for Best Actress in a Comedy and the show won for Best Television Series. And she’s only 26 years old.  Of course she has famous artist parents and two of the actors in her show also have famous parents, Allison Williams and Zosia Mamet, but is that really relevant?  Might be a discussion for another day. 

So now I am eating my words and watching Season 2 because as I keep saying, if people like me don’t support women directors and writers, who will? 

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Feminist, student affairs professional, actor, director, writer, yoga teacher, lover of dogs and cats, vintage trailers and an amazing cook named Jeff.

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