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No Waiting for Republicans

In just a few weeks in office, the Republican run House is already set to start stripping away women’s rights. Really? They have proposed legislation that would only provide federally funded abortion services if the woman was a victim of FORCIBLE rape, not just plain old every day run of the mill rape. So ladies, make sure you have your iphones ready to take a picture of your forcible attack so you can prove that you were forced into your sexual assault and that you were not willingly raped.

Even using the term forcible with the word rape doesn’t seem appropriate. Like all other rapes are not forced? It just makes me sick to my stomach. Do they even realize how this makes victims/survivors feel when they see legislation like this? The right wing is so anti-choice that they will stoop to making women prove that they were raped by force so they don’t have to carry their rapist’s unborn fetus to term. Otherwise, tough luck, sister, enjoy your pregnancy, carrying your rapist’s baby to term.

And that’s not even all. But I can’t even vent about it any more. Go to for more information.

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